Gardening Is In The Genes

Gardening is a family thing with us.  My grandfather (and his father) used the harvest from their gardens to feed their families and help their neighbors.  They grew everything from peas to peanuts, corn to cabbage, and peaches to plums!   I have very fond memories of watching grandpa work in his big garden behind the house.   And I think he was the first to show me how to pick strawberries!

But it was from my mother that I learned to love flowers.   She taught me how to appreciate container gardening as well as how to manage constantly changing perennial beds in spite of the unpredictable Midwest weather.   Her backyard neighbor always enjoyed watching her – with a new flower purchase and “digger” in hand – surveying her flower beds looking for just the right spot to squeeze in another beauty she just couldn’t resist! Check out this for more details about garden .

Gifts For My Garden

And how perfect that grandpa, mother, and I were born in May – the beginning of our gardening season!   My gardens have been adorned with many wonderful birthday presents through the years including a beautiful lilac bush (my absolute favorite flower), a mobile sprinkler, a sweet garden statue, a birdbath, and even a couple of iron deer statues!   (Take a look at my garden mosaic on the right and watch for a few of these birthday presents as well as my four-legged gardening partner, Millie B!)  I LOVE getting gifts for my garden!  You may even want to check outone of my favorite garden gifts that I ever received, twice.

Yes, gardening is a passion – a great hobby that works our bodies and heals our spirits.  But if you aren’t a gardener yourself, buying a gardening gift can be difficult and maybe even intimidating.   I’m here to help!

Finding Unique Gardening Gifts

At, I’m always looking for unique gift items and ideas that deserve our “green thumbs up” stamp of approval.   I’ll bring you lots of options for gardening gifts that fit all occasions and budgets.  And I’ll make it even easier for you to find the perfect gift by doing the research for you, then organizing my recommendations by category and by price.

My goal is to help you find that special present to give your friend or loved one who already loves digging in the dirt, or perhaps they just need a little help to get started.  AND maybe you can even discover a few “gotta haves” for yourself!

Along the way, I’ll add gardening tips and guides as well as pictures of my garden and how-to videos about gardening, craft ideas for your garden or gifts, special gardens I’ve visited, and many other topics.   I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read, relax, and find that special gift for the gardener on your list.